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09 Jul

Final International Conference of the Project Crowdwork

The Conference “Platform work. Finding new strategies to organise in Europe” will take place on July 29th 2021 via Zoom.


Session 1 – Strategies to organise in Europe 

Date: 29/7/2021– 10:00h (CET) and 9:00h (in Lisbon GMT)

Zoom link:

09:30h – 10:00h: Technical setup

10:00h – 10:10h: Welcome and presentation of the Project Crowdwork (by Prof Dr. António MonizNOVA)

10:10h – 10:30h: How is labour organized in Spanish digital platforms? (by Juan AransansNOTUS)

10:30h – 10:35h: Clarification questions

10:35h – 10:55h: How is labour organized in Portuguese digital platforms? (by Dr. Nuno BoavidaNOVA)

10:55h – 11:00h: Clarification questions

11:00h – 11:10h: Coffee break

11:10h – 11:30h: How is labour organized in Hungarian digital platforms? (by Dr. Miklós IlléssyELKH/CSS and Mrs. Zsuzsanna Ritterodesz, National University of Public Service, PhD School of Public Administration)

11:30h – 11:35h: Clarification questions

11:35h – 11:55h: How is labour organized in German digital platforms? (by Dr. Linda NierlingITAS/KIT)

11:55h – 11:00h: Clarification questions

12:00h – 12:30h: Final discussion (Moderated by Prof Dr. Csaba MakóELKH/CSS)

Session 2 – Platform work: What does it mean and what must be done?

Date: 29/7/2021 – 14:00h (CET) and 13:00h (in Lisbon GMT)

Zoom link:

14:00h – 14:50h: Keynote speaker by Prof. Dr. Ursula Huws (University of Hertfordshire)

14:50h – 15:10h: Discussion – moderated by Dr. Bettina KringsITAS/KIT, 20 minutes)

15:10h – 15:20h: Coffee break

15:20h – 16:10h: Round table with Dr. Uma Rani (ILO), Zachary Kilhoffer (CEPS) and Jamie Woodcock (Open University), moderated by Dr. Pablo Sanz (NOTUS)

16:10h – 16:30h: Closing session of the Project Crowdwork, with the research leaders (Dr. Nuno BoavidaDr. Pablo SanzDr. Linda Nierling and Professor Dr. Csaba Makó) and representation of DG Employment of the European Commission*)

*To be confirmed

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